Consent Farms Open the Door for Telemarketers

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Consent farms might look like job-search or comparison-shopping websites, they may offer free stuff or gift cards, but at a cost of your personal information.

Ultimately they can also be a devious way to skirt the Do Not Call List by the fine print that gives them permission to telemarket to your customers. By clicking a button agreeing to the site’s “legal acceptance terms” consumers may have unwittingly agreed to get calls and texts from an untold number of telemarketers.

Consent farms are a two-sided market. On one side affiliate marketers, who make money moving traffic to a farms website. Then there are the buyers that pay for leads, some are legitimate, while others are not.

At the End of the Day

As the FCC has had some success fining and putting out of business many telemarketer scam companies, more keep cropping up. Look for these criminal organizations to be even more creative and using consent farms is one way.

There are millions of landlines that are still in service, and best way to protect those customers is to have a solution like APMax TCM Call Screener in place that protects each individual landline phone. When an out of area telemarketer call comes in, which is more than likely a robocall, TCM will challenge the call before the customers phone even rings. Automated calls like these can’t respond to the challenge and TCM drops the call taking an unsuspecting consumer out of harms way.

Contact your APMax Sales Director for a competitive quote on putting TCM Call Screener on all of your subscriber landlines.

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