Ad Insertion Moves the Video Revenue Needle

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Ivan Dalen Board President of the Northern Iowa Communications Partners says his video operator group is seeing the major ad spends by the political parties and the attitude for their group is, why not us?

NICP is an eight-member group of Municipalities and Telcos all with the same vision of providing high-quality services, including video, to over six thousand NW Iowa residents. Dalen says that two months before the Iowa Caucuses he could see that the politicians were going to pour a lot of money into the event based on the revenue statements provided by their advertising partner ICAN.

ICAN and Innovative Systems Helping the Ad Insertion Cause

Even though as a group they have a sizeable number of video subscribers, each NICP member could never afford a staff to sell, produce, and properly bill advertising to insert on their channel lineup, ICAN can do all of that. ICAN is a turn-key ad insertion agency that suits the needs of video operators large or small who desire a hands-off approach when it comes to managing Ad Insertion.

Using the InnoStream’s Ad Insertion component, approved vendors such as ICAN can schedule commercials, and ingest national and regional ads in various video profiles. As more video operators are transitioning to full-channel live streaming lineups, InnoStream Ad Insertion is beneficial because it is compatible with IPTV and streaming delivery.

Dalen says that normal monthly revenues can fluctuate, but ad insertion revenue during the election seasons is exponentially greater, adding “This is about as easy as it can get when it comes to cashing in on Video Ad Insertion.”

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