2024 Rural Broadband and Video Report

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For nine years Innovative Systems has continued to invest in support of our customers’ efforts to understand the broadband and video behaviors of their rural American customers, and the 2024 report is now complete. Here are some of the highlights:

  • In total, 801 rural US residents participated with a margin of error at +/- 3.5%. A leading research panel company provided the sample with Pivot Research tabulating and documenting the data.
  • Seven different age groups were studied, closely matching the US Census Bureau demographic breakdown for rural America.
  • 47% reported an annual income of 50k or more, and 25% made 75k or above.
  • 60% of rural Americans say their home internet service is provided by the same company that provides their TV service
  • New for 2024, a full breakdown of the top activities people are using the internet for, and streaming is not number one.

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