2021 SIP ACS Device Report

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Even though the Poly brand dominates SIP phone deployments in rural America, the Grandstream GXP2160 has more specific devices than any other. According to the 2021 SIP ACS device report from 101 voice service providers from across the US, there are over 90 specific SIP devices that are being managed by the Innovative Systems SIP ACS software solution.

Poly Dominates

There are 31 different Poly models deployed nationally, totaling 12,199 SIP phones on systems managed by the Innovative Systems software, these numbers include the APMax and SIP ACS servers. As of November 15th, the Poly VVX 401/411 is number one of all the Poly models.

Algo Expands Hosted Solutions

Algo horns, audio alerters, and door phones are improving the ability of voice providers to give the business community more diverse SIP managed options. The report indicates there are nine different Algo device models deployed giving voice service providers an ever-increasing role as communications solutions providers.