Those Who Support You

John Cersosimo – Voice and Video Support

John’s tenure as a support person at Innovative Systems goes back over 20 years, and he still talks to some of the same customers. Just last week John assisted Ron Finck from Gridcom with  APMAX Unified Messaging, marking a 20 year support relationship with this customer.

Strumming the Strings for Fun

One of John’s favorite past times as of late is playing the guitar for himself, friends, and family. When asked to provide a YouTube link for everyone to hear him, John smiled and said, “No.”

Chasing the Kids

At this point, John’s kids are all grown and have embarked on careers primarily in the media field. One of John’s fondest memories was going to the Superbowl in Houston with his daughter Brooke, who works for NFL Network in Culver City, CA. His other daughter Kendra manages social media for a large company while his son Jacob is a TV news reporter. They are both in Sioux Falls, SD.


John has not thought much about retiring anytime soon, but when he does, traveling the US is at the top of his bucket list, as long as he can bring his guitar.