Use the eLation Tech App to Protect your staff and your customers

One thing many companies are dealing with is how to provide essential services to their customers, without putting employees at greater risk.  With the Tech App and SDP/ACS there are many things you can do to provide outstanding service to your customers without entering their home.

1.       With the Tech App you can diagnose Voice, Video, and Internet.  The diagnose service allows you to understand the current state of each network element used to provide service to your customers.

2.       If your network is option 82 enabled, the IP diagnostic tab allows for you to see utilization across a circuit.   This helps understand if the customer is maxing out their bandwidth, what time that might be happening, and total utilization

3.       Device settings in SDP allow you to make changes to a customer service such as reboot ONT, reboot router, or Change SSID and password for a wireless router

4.       The ACS features allow you to see what devices are connected/active on the wireless network along with other troubles that might be going on within the home

Please reach out to your  Innovative Support Team to get help on these tools.