Top 10 APMax Support Tip Videos – Now Available

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At the 2021 APMax Voice User Meeting the support team reported on the top ten assistance topics that were requested from customers. We have taken that session and distilled each of the topics into ten short videos. These videos are now available on the Voice Support portal at Innovsys.com. For quick access, once you have logged in to the E-Acquire page that displays your APMax services, click on the “Top Ten APMax Voice Support Tip Self-Care Videos”, to access a links page that will allow you to select these helpful tips.

#1 How to do Package Upgrades

#2 SSL Certification Procedures

#3 Adding Licenses

#4 Announcement Digit Adds

#5 LD Out of Voicemail

#6 UCM Find Me Transfer to VoiceMail

#7 SIP ACS ID Code Best Practices

#8 Admin EMail not Working

#9 Define APMax User Permissions

10 APMax Setup on new PC