Telco Delights Customers with Call Screening Service

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Triangle Communications in Havre Montana is now offering the Telemarketer Call Screening Service from Innovative Systems to all their residential phone members for free.

Triangle provides telecommunications services including Broadband Internet and telephone service to residents of Central Montana. Their service territory includes 17,000+ lines in 16 counties from the Canadian to the Wyoming border, over approximately 24,000 square miles. About 12,000 landlines are eligible for this service, and according to Triangle CEO Craig Gates, “this service puts more control in the hands of our members to prevent scammers from harassing them”. Gates says the Triangle Board of Trustees endorsed making this a free service to add more value to Triangle’s service offerings.

According to their Facebook page customers are commenting how well this service works.

  • “Love having this service.”Leslie
  • “This truly works.”Wendy
  • “It definitely works.”JoAnn

Lisa Pierce, a research vice president at market research firm Gartner, stated that about 100 million landlines are currently active in the U.S. Many of these phones are serving consumers in remote areas not unlike some of the territory served by Triangle. Having an effective way to stop phone scammers is critical, especially for the sometimes vulnerable older ones. The Federal Trade Commission estimates that fraudulent telemarketers scam as much as $40 billion a year from U.S. consumers. We should all tip our hats to companies like Triangle Communications who are doing the right thing by going the extra mile to stop illegal telemarketers.

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