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Relationship Marketing

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As the competition increases in our business we need to look deeper for things that differentiate ourselves, and relationship marketing could be the hot ticket. Relationship marketing involves strategies that concentrate on specifically connecting and building long-term relationships with your customers. It is more cost effective to market to existing customers, who have shared their contact information with you, and are likely to engage or at least look at your messaging.

These are customers who have committed to you, and according to the latest Rural Video and Broadband study have been with you at least three years on average. What can we do to nurture that relationship?

  • Recognize their service anniversary date with a special gift.
  • Notify them about things that can protect them, like cybersecurity tips.
  • Reach out and inform them about special events in the community.
  • Show your support for things that are important to them.
  • Keep them updated on any new products or services that you have.

By leveraging contact information like mail and email addresses you can personally touch each and everyone of your loyal customers, and hopefully give them many reasons to stay with you.

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