2022 Rural Video and Broadband Study Results

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As 2022 comes to a close we wanted to give you one last chance to access our data report from the seventh annual Rural Video and Broadband study. Please fill out the form below the executive summary and we will get you a free copy of the full seventy page study.

The following are some key highlights from the 2022 report:

  • 76% of rural Americans have had service from the same provider for 3 years or longer.
  • Average monthly spend on TV from local video operators is still below market value compared to national cable and satellite providers.
  • Rural households are streaming more than they were in 2021 (61% vs 49%)
  • Local programming is important to rural consumers across all demographics.
  • Respondents are still watching more TV and video due to the pandemic, whether a lot more (27%) or a little more (25%).
  • The top cause of low satisfaction is poor or inconsistent connection speed (62%, up from 51%).
  • About one-third of all respondents said they would prefer a much faster internet speed and would be willing to pay for it. The average monthly amount they’re willing to pay is $91.
  • 78% of those who have a video service with their local provider are also using their internet service.
  • Same as in 2021, 60% of respondents with managed Wi-Fi believe the service is somewhat or very valuable.

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