Poor audio quality and security issues have now caused people to start looking for better alternatives to their “free” conferencing services that they have found on the web.

APMAX Conference Calling is efficient, economical, and adds more value to your hosted service bundle!

APMAX allows simple turnkey conference administration, security features and accurate billing measures. The APMAX can be licensed for up to 384 ports. The service supports up to 256 active simultaneous conferences.

On-Demand Conference Calling
  • Quiet Mode (no entrance/exit beeps)
  • Web Portal Integration
  • Up to 128 Attendees per Conference

With On-Demand Conference Calling, subscribers hold a conference account with your company. Once that relationship is established, they conduct conferences as needed without reservations. You can bill for the service with any combination of per-conference charges, attendee charges, direct dial minute rates, and toll free minute rates. The system will also generate EMI or XML billing records if you desire.

 Online Conference Management Allows                                        
  • Recording
  • Private Conversations
  • Attendee Muting and Volume Control
  • Add Attendees with Click to Call



Business Applications
  • Municipalities
  • Religious Organizations
  • Non Profits
  • Coops
  • Governmental Agencies
  • Sales Report Calls


For more information, feel free to read more about Conferencing in our downloadable product sheet.

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