Calling Name Database

From small telecoms to regional networks, APMAX Calling Name Database is the most feature rich in the industry and will support up to 12,000,000 calling names.

Multiple Methods to Retrieve Calling Name Data

APMAX supports multiple options for out-of-area names that are not included in your Calling Name Database including sending the request to a national database using SS7, sending the query via the web to TARGUSinfo, sending query to another AP or APMAX via SS7 or IP, and many other options. This service now supports the OpenCNAM interface for expansion.

Global Title Translation

The GTT feature is standard in the APMAX. Used for Calling Name and CLASS, APMAX can perform GTT based on 3, 6, or 10 digits.

Works With All Switch Types in Your Network

The Calling Name architecture allows for faster start up from cached names and easy sharing between switches so that Calling Name information is moved seamlessly between multiple switch types.

Additional, Convenient Caller ID Options for Your Subscribers Caller ID Screen Pop for the TV

Provide your subscribers with Caller ID information on their television screen in addition to their traditional Caller ID device. The APMAX provides Calling Name information over an IP network to your video middleware supplier displaying  a ‘screen pop’ of calling name information.

Recent Caller Log for the TV

If you provide subscribers with Calling Name and Video Middleware from Innovative Systems, your customers can also go to their television to manage a list of recent calls to their wireline service right from their TV screen using their remote control!


For more information, feel free to read about Calling Name in our downloadable product sheet.

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