Older Dems Moving Slowly Towards Streaming

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42% of rural Americans have not adopted the streaming video lifestyle in their homes.

Consumers over the age of 55 are still taking a slow dip into the streaming video waters according to the 2024 Video study focused on rural zip codes across the US.

Traditional Pay TV Remains a Steady Compliment

The research over the past three years has proven that consumers are hanging on to pay TV services with basically no change in the numbers of those who have chosen to keep live TV along with their streaming TV service. It is also interesting to note that more video operators are transitioning their IPTV and Cable services to live streaming. Currently over 100 Innovative Systems’ video operators are either in the process of or have deployed live streaming.

Two Roadmap Strategies

Many who have moved into live streaming have capped their IPTV/Cable from any new customers, and some are opting to make a slow transition to live streaming as more of their customers become comfortable navigating consumer streaming devices. A popular strategy among video providers is to bridge the gap with proprietary streaming Set-Top-Boxes like the IS-5045W6 from Innovative Systems.

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