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Innovative Systems has focused on improving communication between our customers and our support teams.  Two tools have now been implemented to have a centralized location where we can capture customer’s feedback and enhancement ideas as well as gather information about issues you are having. 

These two tools are being utilized to meet the needs of our customers, open a two-way flow of communication, and create consistency among our platforms.  The Self Service Portal was introduced as a new ticketing system as well as a library for documentation.  The User Feedback platform gives customers a way to communicate ideas as well as see the status of feature ideas they have offered.  Both tools were implemented with the needs of the customer in mind but meet different goals for the customer.   

Self-Service Portal

The Self Service Portal is a tool that provides all the Users at your company with a one-stop shop for customer service-related actions, tracking, and resources.  It was important for our customers to have one place to do everything you need to do with us along with having visibility to your support tickets and projects, real time status updates, transparency with your issues.  How should you be using the Self Service Portal?  This really depends on what you are trying to do.  The Self Service Portal allows you to enter a ticket, view status of a ticket, find technical and marketing documentation, manage your notifications, and view reports.

User Feedback

User Feedback is a tool that provides customers with a better and more consistent means of offering feedback as well as tracking enhancement ideas.  This tool is valuable for our customers to use to give trackability to enhancement ideas, visibility of the status of ideas as well as see all ideas that have been submitted by our customers.  User Feedback provides a consistent method among all Innovative Systems platforms for idea feedback so whether you are offering feature ideas for eLation or APMax Voice, the process is the same.  The enhancement ideas as well as the voting for the ideas is driving the roadmaps for Innovative Systems development teams.  How should you be using User Feedback?  This is dependent on your goals and what you are trying to accomplish.  User Feedback allows you to look at ideas in your product area, find recently added ideas, review ideas that have had recent activity, see the top voted ideas, enter your own new idea, or view the status of ideas you have entered or supported.

If you need additional information for the Self Service Portal or User Feedback, please view the resources below in the Self Service Portal Knowledge Base.

If you are a current customer and have not signed up for an account for the Self-Service Portal, please use this link to create an account. You may also want to view the Self-Service Portal Notifications User Guide below to manage your notifications.

Self-Service Portal Notifications User Guide

User Feedback User Group Meeting Session

Self Service Portal User Group Meeting Session

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