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The telecom marketing firm Cornerstone Group has launched a new service that will help video operators assist customers in determining the best live video solution based on their specific viewing habits and budget.

Company President Shane Petersen says because there is a lot confusion around TV and Streaming, Cornerstone has launched an interactive online tool that lets video consumers type in the channels that they like and the tool compares the best options for them based on their preferences. The StreamNow platform is branded and sits on the Provider’s website. In communication with rural video providers across the US, Petersen has learned about the importance of local broadcast channels to their customers and this is supported by the 2023 study of rural Americans and their viewing habits.

With StreamNow they can type the networks they watch into the tool and the best option(s) appear immediately. It compares the local TV Provider channels side-by-side with a variety of streaming service providers. In many cases like the example below, a video providers local package is a better deal for them and frees up extra dollars to add OTT services like Netflix.

The Branded StreamNow website does not recommend that folks “cut the cord”, it simply gives information to CSRs and customers on topics related to streaming. The Branded StreamNow website also includes helpful information related to OnDemand Steaming options, FAQs (where can I watch NFL Sunday Ticket, where can I watch new episodes of Yellowstone, where can I watch Chip and Joanna Gaines’ Magnolia Network, etc.), as well has helpful video tutorials on installing streaming devices and troubleshooting TV remote issues.

Cornerstone Group updates lineup changes to the providers TV Channel Lineups as well as the streaming providers. This is a very beneficial tool for video operators who want to retain customers who don’t know where they can go to figure out the best video options that include the channels they are most interested in. To request more information fill out the form at StreamNow or reach out to

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