Broadband Awards

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2024 Broadband Award Categories

Community Champions:

  • Is your company a hero in your community? We want to hear stories about how your organization has positively impacted your surrounding community. Let us know how your company is helping close the digital divide. How are you impacting digital equity and inclusion?

Fiber Milestones:

  • We want to celebrate your fiber achievements! Is your company celebrating fiberversaries? We want to hear about new fiber installs, years offering fiber broadband or reaching 100% fiber.

Auto Provisioning Wins:

  • Do you have a high percentage of orders that are auto provisioned? We are looking for big automation wins and want to hear about how your organization has enhanced their business with auto provisioning.

Customer Adoption Wins:

  • Do you have a high percentage of customers that have adopted autopay or electronic statements? How are your customers becoming more self-sufficient?

Customer Success Wins:

  • Do you have improvements with CSAT or NPS scores that you feel are significant? Are recent customer reviews noteworthy? How are your employees delighting customers?

Marketing Wins:

  • How are you separating yourself from the competition? How are you leveraging social media to improve your brand? How are you handling new product or service launches?

Custom Awards:

  • Have you had employee recruitment wins during this time of mass retirements? How is your organization celebrating employees and providing positive employee experiences? Are you offering new services to customers?

Please submit nominations to by August 16th with details and any photos. Winners will be announced at eLation eLevate Conference.

For the inaugural Innovative Systems Broadband Awards in 2023, we were overjoyed to celebrate 7 amazing Broadband Service Providers serving their communities with high speed internet and great customer service.