4000 MG-TV Customer Conversions in 2 Weeks

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Located in southeastern Oklahoma, Pine Telephone decided to upgrade their video to the MG-TV solution and was able to transition all of its over four thousand video customers to the new platform in just two weeks.

Field Operations Manager Brandon Rupp said their team worked hard during those two weeks, but the InnoStream platform that powers MG-TV made it easier for them to get the job done.

Video is Part of the Pine DNA

Pine Telephone started in 1911 with a dream and a $500 loan from family and has turned into a multi-service communications provider that strongly believes in the one-stop-shop model for telecommunications. For this reason according to Rupp, Pine Telephone has upgraded their video with the MG-TV solution from Innovative Systems. Rupp says the thought of exiting video has never crossed their minds, stating that the company believes the more services that can be offered the happier the customer, and the company is healthier.

Video Tutorials Key to Conversion Success

Rupp was complimentary of the free library of video tutorials to help Pine’s customers navigate the upgraded video service. He said when you have older customers a video learning tool like this makes it much easier and appreciates them as a value-add from Innovative Systems to their video operators.

What the future holds in the video space is anyone’s guess, but Rupp says Pine has no plans to exit video, and will likely look at a migration from IPTV to live streaming in the future.

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