eLation Support Expectations

World Class Conversion, Training & Support

With eLation, a complete and accurate data conversion will save you valuable time during conversion and with ongoing system support. You can be sure that your data will be converted quickly, completely and accurately. We’ve made theelation-transparent conversion process a priority in order to ensure that once you make the decision to install eLation, the process can be done swiftly and accurately. After installation, we will be here to support as needed on a day-to-day basis as well as when you need to get to market quickly with a new product or service.

Simplified Conversion Process

Think back to your last OSS system conversion. Your staff spent countless hours on mundane data entry to set up accounts, USOC codes, etc. That time cost your company a considerable amount of money in direct expenses and lost productivity. Then, when you were up and running, you still had to refer to the old system because all your customer history information was left on the previous system.

Innovative Systems will convert your existing customer data, account and USOC type setup information, PLUS a good deal of customer history. We will work to ensure the integrity of your data while providing a comprehensive and accurate data conversion.IMG_0376

Overcoming the Learning Curve

When your staff imagines installing a new OSS system, the thought sends chills down their spine. The last time they converted a system they had to learn everything over again. That took a long time and a lot of calls to the support line.

With eLation, we’ve used the latest development tools available allowing us to create an intuitive system with effective tool tips right on the screen for you. Our mission has been to develop a system with screens and processes that will be easy for people to use. And, since the data conversion is so comprehensive, your staff will be able to see your company’s information right away. Any training will be done using your own data – not some mocked up database that your staff can’t relate to.

Ongoing Support

Innovative Systems understands that there are two types of support needed after the conversion. There is the support for questions like ‘how do I do this again’. Then, there is the support for ‘our company is launching a new service, we need eLation to do…’. You can count on Innovative Systems to be standing by for you in either case.