Efficiency Starts From Inside

Earlier this year Innovative Systems traveled to NEMR Telecom in Green City Missouri to conduct a revolutionary three-day workshop to  improve internal efficiency.  A team consisting of Lyle Johnson, Kelsey Ruml, and Brian Weis worked with the NEMR staff.

Kaizen Workflow Management

Kaizen comes from the Japanese word for improvement. The idea revolves around the thought that the best and easiest ideas on how to become more efficient come from those doing the job.  During this workshop the staff at NEMR learned about change adaptation and to constantly be making small changes as a way to fine-tune their jobs and processes. With the assistance of the onsite Innovative team, NEMR employees analyzed their existing process flows as a cross department group identifying wasteful steps, and then working out a plan to implement changes.

How NEMR Benefited from the Training

The group was made up of front-line employees, who could look at their jobs with first-hand experience.  At the conclusion of the three-day event, the NEMR team walked away with improved communication, a stronger sense of teamwork, and they even broke down a few of the silo’s that had built up between departments.  On the final day, the front line employees who took part in the training met with NEMR’s executive staff where they discussed improved accountability and how they can be more proactive when faced with unexpected changes.  Another positive outcome was learning to better use the systems and tools that they have. Kayla Blaser a training participant said she enjoyed breaking down their internal processes and learning about the different steps each person takes to complete their jobs. Blaser added that it  was eye-opening to discuss new, more efficient ways to save time and enhance the customer experience.

NEMR General Manager Michele Gillespie was pleased with how the trainers from Innovative Systems helped their employees see ways to change processes. She also appreciated the brainstorming sessions on how to be more efficient and to give the customer a better experience. Noting the passion for change that the employees exhibited during the three-day session, Gillespie says she can’t wait to see the impact of this training.

How Innovative Systems Benefited from the Training

Innovative team member Kelsey Ruml says workflow management training such as this helps to steer development and training towards the efficiency tasks that were identified by the NEMR staff. In the end, according to Ruml, this drives better processes for all of our clients.