The Future of Customer Excellence: Self-Service Sign-Up to Turn-Up

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How Jade Communications Delivers a State-of-the-Art Network to their Customers

The Wehe family has been on the ground floor of technology in Colorado’s San Luis Valley, having brought modern telephony to the region roughly a century ago. Today, they are focused on creating amazing digital experiences for their subscribers, including fast internet (the fastest in the State of Colorado, to be precise), home security, and other managed services that make the lives of their subscriber base easier and better. Their progressive network is run on eLation, Innovative System’s industry leading enterprise software for billing and operations. Jade’s conversion from a homegrown billing database to a full service, multi-functional OSS/SMP (Subscriber Management Platform) is a unique case study in delivering the subscriber experience of the future. Read along to learn how eLation enables Jade to grow their subscriber base by 40% in 18-24 months, while leading their market in customer satisfaction.

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