Streaming Growth Noted in 55+ Demographics

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The analysts have long-predicted that video consumption would move towards a streaming only format, but our annual video and broadband reports have shown over the last seven years that rural Americans move at a different pace. In the 2022 report, rural consumers 55 and older are streaming more now than ever, but half in this age group do not stream video in their homes.

A Multi-Generational Approach is the Right Fit

As one can see from the report, a fourth to a third of consumers in the 18-54 year old age groups are still subscribing to a traditional pay TV service. For operators that are committed to the video business, the data validates a need for a solution that supports a hybrid model that gives rural consumers a choice on how they want their video. The non-streamers will more than likely want a traditional remote control and Set Top Box experience, while streamers who still desire local live programming will want to view it using their consumer devices like Amazon Fire, AppleTV and Roku.

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