Solutions for your Entire Telecommunications Business


APMAX is a next generation IMS Application Server that provides the IOC market with improved wireline and wireless features along with an optional integrated IPTV Video Solutions. The APMAX is poised to revolutionize the tier 2 & 3 telecom industry with advanced TDM and IP telephony features as well as an option for blended IPTV – Internet – Hosted Telephony services.

Enterprise SIP ACS Solution

Developed for growing your hosted voice portfolio, the Innovative Systems SIP ACS solution can manage up to one hundred thousand devices on our ACS server or from a virtual server.

InnoStream Video Solution

Multiple video services including Middleware, Video Monitor, Video Streaming, VOD and Streaming TV. These services can be deployed together or independently. Innovative Systems offers an industry first Video Middleware solution that consists of set-top-box middleware and an integrated customer/set-top-box management system that includes multi-stream DVR with subscriber web control and a suite of interactive television and integrated telephony applications. The solution includes an EPG and blended telephony services such as On-Screen Caller ID, Recent Call List, Voice Mail Waiting Indicator and more.

IPTV to CATV Upgrade Solutions

Innovative Systems  is now offering advanced support for CATV networks that allow providers to upgrade their old cable platform to a new state-of-the-art IPTV system. The ability to provide IPTV features like Restart TV, Whole Home DVR, Weather Apps and a fresh-looking program guide can keep a legacy cable system competitive for many years to come.


Billing…Financials…Staking&Mapping…Designed using the latest technologies from Microsoft and constantly updated to stay on the cutting edge.  eLation is a fully integrated telecom system, allowing companies to combine all major business functions into a single easy-to-use system.

ACS TR-069 Device Management

With over a half dozen devices hitting the average home WiFi network it does not come as a surprise that consumers are increasingly dissatisfied with their internet – and they are blaming you! This solution puts you in control and can diagnose and fix router issues without an expensive truck roll.

eLation™ Fiber Buildout Solution

Managing fiber buildouts is easier when you can generate excitement and measure neighborhood buy-in.  Engage your potential customers, project your ROI, and prioritize your investment with this integrated, easy to use tool.

911 Call Assurance Testing Service

Service providers are coming under increased pressure to assure the reliability of their Public Safety Answering Points. This Innovative Systems Hosted service can keep you out of the headlines for failed 911 call attempts.

APMAX is Manufactured in the USA by a Company that is ISO 9001:2008 Compliant

ISO 9001 provides a framework for quality management throughout the processes of producing and delivering products and services for the customer. Over 500,000 organizations in over 149 countries are implementing these universal set of standards.