Balance and Payment IVR Service

Give your customers access to important billing information as well as phone payment options with the Balance and Payment IVR. This APMAX service integrates with the eLation OSS Billing Solution.

How it Works:

Customers call in to an IVR menu and dial a specific number or feature code. The caller is then directed to the desired function or customer support for more assistance.

  • Balance Feature: Queries the billing database for the customer’s current balance due.
  • Feature Code Functionality: Can be configured for dialing a shorter feature code or by dialing a main access number.
  • Allows payment using any payment method or card on file in eLation.

Integration with eLation OSS:
  • User IVR to make payments
  • Access account and payment info
  • Obtain billing account balances
  • Hear last confirmed payment
  • Keep track of minute/data usages