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Have you noticed how all of the brand messaging is starting to sound the same? One cartoon caption highlighted this by stating, “Some brand we apparently gave an email address to three or four years ago wants us to know they’re here for us in this difficult time.”

This month the Marketing Minute encourages you to think about a different message that does not ignore the current situation, but focuses specifically on how you are directly helping your customers.

Verifiable Data is More Powerful than Pandemic Speak

Why not message your customers on how reliable you are in serving them with internet and video.  You could make a powerful statement by showing them data on the lack of outages versus their increased amount of internet and television usage since this all started. Another strong point would be to show data on how your support team has still handled customer issues even though many are working remotely. Fine-tuning your installs to offer more self-install opportunities would also be something of interest to your customers. If you want to see an impressive overuse of pandemic content you must check out this video.  

You are invited to contact Melissa Waddell or Scott Meyer if you have any marketing questions about Innovative Systems Voice and Video products at 605-995-6120.

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