Innovative Systems Supports Integration With Alianza

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Innovative Systems Helps Broadband Providers Simplify Operations while Reducing the Burden on IT, Administrative and Technical Staff

Mitchell, South Dakota – May 19, 2022 – Today Innovative Systems announced their integration with Technology Ecosystem Partner, Alianza Inc. We strive to help service providers maximize operational efficiencies, automate tasks for subscribers and internal staff alike, and accelerate time to revenue. By introducing integrations with leading cloud communications solutions — Innovative Systems and Alianza strengthen their commitment to simplifying voice for service providers. These integrations allow service providers to streamline and simplify management of communication services, safeguard customer data integrity while eliminating manual swivel chair provisioning and automating monotonous tasks typically associated with account setup and provisioning.

These integrations benefit joint service provider customers by enabling their personnel to enter, update, and retrieve customer information utilizing a single source of truth. Additionally, the integrations provide data and analytics, enabling service providers and broadband operators to resolve customer issues quickly and easily, improving the subscriber experience.

The integration within eLation and Alianza’s cloud communication solution allow operators to:

  • Seamlessly lookup and modify account status within eLation
  • Automate device provisioning with SIP credentials for the embedded phone ports on optical network terminals (ONTs) and residential gateways
  • Streamline customer account setup and management in the Alianza Admin Portal, including phone number ordering, feature changes, end user password resets, and more.

The integrations with Innovative Systems and Alianza are available for joint service provider customers.

“Innovative Systems is happy to unite eLation with Alianza for seamlessly managing VoIP services for our customer base. As service providers are faced with additional regulatory and maintenance costs, using a cloud-based VoIP solution gives operators a convenient approach to providing voice services while reducing the burden on their IT, administrative, and technical staff.”

Nathan Knuth, VP of Engineering, Innovative Systems

“At Alianza, we are committed to teaming up with industry leaders as well as start-ups to accelerate innovation, simplify operations, and drive revenue growth for our joint customers,” said Kevin Mitchell, Vice President of Alliances and Partners for Alianza. “Our innovative, API-rich platform makes it easy to work with outstanding partners like Innovative Systems and Azotel, who share our focus on integration, to introduce world-class solutions for our service provider and broadband operator customers.”

About Innovative Systems
Innovative Systems is a mission-critical enterprise software solution that enables independent service providers to seamlessly manage their business, deliver modern network services, and enhance existing offerings. Innovative’s core products include eLation™, a market-leading Billing & Operations Support System (BSS/OSS), IPTV, a live streaming and cable television solution suite, and APMAX™, a hardware and software Voice over IP (VoIP) platform. Based in Michell, South Dakota, Innovative Systems is proud to support connectivity across the country, including delivering outstanding service to its Telecom, Cable, Municipality, Power, and Utility customers and their constituents. To learn more about our solutions, please visit and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

About Alianza
Alianza is the only true cloud-native, carrier-grade communications platform built for service providers. Our proprietary full-stack cloud communications platform offers wholesale residential and business communications services, including voice, video conferencing, collaboration, text messaging, and standalone UC softphones. Our team of experts are passionate about transforming communications delivery and ensuring first-rate customer experiences to our growing market, which includes more than 300 service providers and over 500,000 end-user SaaS licenses worldwide. As a result of the platform’s exceptional quality and always-on availability, our service providers can innovate quickly and address the evolving demands of their end user customers in a way that is easy to manage, easy to consume, and highly profitable. Learn more at and follow them on LinkedIn and Twitter.