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RTC Fiber Talks Partnership: Superior Integration

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All In: The Importance of a Fully Integrated OSS, Voice, and Video Platform

From stringing the first phone line in 1895 to offering gigabit internet and streaming TV services today, RTC Fiber Communications has stayed true to their mission of putting the community first. Empowering the residents and businesses of north-central Indiana with high-quality services has been, and will continue to be, their number one focus.

Hear from Rochester’s CFO, Tyson Kalischuk, as he discusses:

  • Mobile Apps
  • User-Friendly Reporting
  • Customer Excellence
  • Industry-Leading Integrations

eLation is our operations, it’s the core of our business. It touches everything. The integration is superior to other products. We continue to go all in with Innovative. All of the programs and modules work together. That’s really important for efficiency and our people and getting all the things we need to get done.

Tyson Kalischuk, CFO, RTC Fiber Communications

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