2024 Rural Broadband, Video, and Social Media Report

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For nine years Innovative Systems has invested in supporting our customers’ efforts to understand the video and broadband behaviors of their rural American customers. We hope you again find the information compelling! 

Our report readers from last year suggested an internet and social media usage report from rural consumers. Here are some of the highlights from our report which had over 800 respondents:

  • Overall, 60% bundle internet and TV.
  • Satisfaction with TV providers has held steady with a 7.5 rating on a one to ten scale.
  • 29% of all internet subscribers said they would prefer a much faster internet speed and would be willing to pay for it.
  • Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are the predominant social platforms used by rural Americans.
  • 39% of rural Americans are on the internet over 10 hours per day.

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