Video Middleware – User Experience

Give your Customers Features They Can’t Live Without!

Innovative Systems Video Middleware service is a feature-rich video solution focused on the user experience

Remote DVR Control:

Differentiate with Features like:
  • Universal Search
  • Local Weather App with APMAX Weather Plus Option
  • What’s Hot App
  • Go Back in Time in the Guide
  • Customize the Size of the Program Guide
  • Whole Home DVR
Extensive Parental Controls:
  • Lock Channels
  • Hide Rated Programming
  • Pre-Set Watching Restrictions
  • Set Ratings Limit
Unique DVR Features:
  • Multiple Folder Management
  • Slow-motion to Replay that Great Play
  • Record Programs from the What’s Hot App
  • “Now Playing” window displays “What your are Watching” and “What is being Recorded”
  • Binge Mode Playback

Blended Telephony Features:
  • Screen Pop Caller ID
  • On-Screen Voicemail Waiting Indicator
  • On-Screen Recent Calls List
  • Text of Voicemail Messages On-Screen (with APMAX Unified Messaging and Voice to Text Option)
  • Click to Call (with C15)

Voice to text on TV


For more information, feel free to read more about Video Middleware in our downloadable product sheet.

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