Fall and Year-End Channel Stats Reports

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As a special year-end treat along with the Fall Channel Stats report, we are providing a report that details the top 100 channels for the past year. 75,000 STBs and approximately 100,000 viewers make this is one of the most comprehensive video viewing reports in rural America.

Executive Summary

  • CBS is number one with NBC a close second.
  • Seasonal programming lifts Hallmark to number seven.
  • Regional Sports Networks was the biggest share loser but still a top ten.
  • Surprisingly, MSNBC jumps into the top ten, but wait a minute, the markets are probably the reason.

Download the report here.

Year-End Executive Summary

  • CBS is number one in all four quarters.
  • Fox News was top five every quarter.
  • Sports programming lands seven channels in the top fifty.

Download the report here.

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