Writing Great Sales Copy

Sometimes when we struggle to write compelling sales copy  we have a tendency to fall into cliche mode. Does this sound familiar, “This special won’t last long”,  “Call now while supplies last”, “Don’t delay, call today”.  The best thing to do if you hit the wall of cliches is to take a walk around the block and clear out  your mind. Here are a few quick tips for writing great sales copy.

Focus on concise, hype free information that specifically states why your product makes readers/viewers’ lives better. Example: “Download your favorite song in 5 seconds, your favorite movie in 2 minutes. Is that fast enough, because if it’s not, we can make it even faster!”  Much more compelling than, “We have the fastest internet in town!”

Less is More

As a former radio copywriter I would go crazy when the customer demanded twice as much information as you could possible digest as a listener and the same holds true for print copy.

When writing copy you need to think not like a copywriter, but like the person who will be hearing or reading the message. For the consumer, their sales pitch radar is always turned up to maximum sensitivity. The more information that is forced upon them, the more likely they will totally tune out. Copy writing is an art form and one good tip is to use a thesaurus to stimulate your mind. Using a thesaurus will help you with new words that you don’t normally use and also will help you to say more with fewer words.

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