Work at Home Marketing Tips

In the coming weeks more workers will be working from home, and this will create a new set of challenges for communications service providers.

This Marketing Minute will address some educational messaging that you can offer to your customers in order to get the most out of their work-at-home communications network.

Phone Service

We are already seeing an increased level of interest in teleconferencing as limited home connectivity to office networks will render the IP messaging platforms unusable for some work-at-homers. For those of you who have a Conferencing Service, make sure you have login credentials and user documents available that can be distributed.

For service providers  that offer hosted IP voice, expect businesses to send employees home with their office phones thinking that employees can just plug them in to their home network.   In many cases this may be fine, but there will also be issues with home routers that will generate support calls to your office.  It would be wise to provide some sort of message to all of your business customers with some basic guidelines for connecting SIP phones in a home office environment.


For many of your residential customers, their Internet may be adequate under normal circumstances, but adding a home office, VPN, and remote desktop is going to cause a need for more bandwidth. If you take into account that most schools are closed, a home network is going to be overwhelmed with online schooling, and video streaming. It will be essential to craft a marketing messaging to educate your customers with  speed guidelines in order to get the best experience based on these redefined use cases.

Having these educational messages in place and distributed  as quickly as possible will increase customer satisfaction and also reduce support calls.

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