Video on Your Website-Let’s Go!

8_2016_MM_1A recent report from a very credible survey organization reveals 65% of ALL internet users have watched some type of online video in both short and long form content. This should be a very loud wake up call to start or beef up you website videos!

The Content Struggle

Conventional wisdom may lead one to think,” How can we entertain people with videos on a Telecom website?” It would be best to leave the Dancing Cats videos to YouTube and instead focus on education and testimonials.

  • User Guides particularly for Video Remote Controls
  • Children Safety on the Internet
  • Email Phishing Scams
  • Protection From Identity Theft
  • Parental Control Features on Your Subscription Video
  • How Hosted PBX Works
  • Home and Business Security

Don’t be afraid to repurpose videos from other sources as there are many organizations that will readily give you permission. Finally, cross promote the presence of these videos with your newsletters, social media and your CSRs.