Video Solutions eJournal – May 2021

Latest Video Industry Analysis

Hosted Video Streaming Service Offers New Options

In an effort to provide additional choices in live streaming solutions, Innovative Systems and MVS are now offering a fully hosted end to end video streaming service.

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Telecom Execs Talk Video Strategy

This video panel discussion reports on three companies and how they are approaching video streaming. You will also hear some surprising comments about their growth in video subscribers.

Ten minute must watch video.

LYNXX Network Adds Live Streaming to their Video Offerings

With a growing fiber network, this Wisconsin provider felt a live streaming play was an important addition.

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Video and Broadband Study Podcast now Available

StoryConnect, a nationally distributed podcast series from WordSouth, features a discussion this month on the Sixth Annual Rural Video and Broadband study.

Follow this link to access the podcast.

IS Video – Tech Tip

A new monthly feature to our newsletter will include a time-saving tech for IS Video solution providers, and this month the tip will detail Set Top Box reboots.

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Featured Service

InnoCoder T-40 Transcoder

Introducing the latest hardware system from Innovative Systems that is designed to support all IPTV Middleware and HLS Streaming platforms, as well as other video applications.

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