Using Outside Media to Drive Web Traffic

The mindset to drive consumers to your phone agents from your media buys is now starting to change.   At a national level we are seeing trends of significantly increased web traffic for companies who are making a splash in TV advertising.  Airbnb, the online vacation rental favorite, saw a 300% increase in web traffic following their first run of TV ads in February of 2017.  Meal kit service Blue Apron realized a 1075% web visitor explosion after their initial run of ads on the small screen.  Let’s cover a couple of things you can do to jump on board this potential profit train.

Web Prep

Make sure your homepage gives consumers easy navigation options to get them to your product and service information. If your media buy is promoting a special offer, create a special web page that visitors will  navigate to, allowing you to track the effectiveness of your buy.

Hammer the Website in Your Ad

Leave little doubt to your viewers/listeners/readers that the best source for information on your offer will be found at, it’s okay to give them a teaser, but push them to the website. Driving consumers to your site is important because they will leave a digital fingerprint that can help to validate your ad buy.

Testimonials Shorten the Sales Cycle

We are starting to see more customer comments and reviews posted on service porvider websites and your  philosophy should be that you can never have enough.  The internet has created a culture of exploration and  decision making before making the commitment to buy or calling in to order, now is the time to leverage this consumer shift.

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