Turn Customers Into Fans

In a perfect world when it is time to buy, your brand will come to a customers mind first. For some providers with limited competition this top of mind awareness is an easy task, but when you have many competitors, how do you rise up above the rest?

Refocus Around Experiences

The customer should always be treated like a beloved family rather than just another new sub count. This nurturing should begin even before the first sale. Front liners need to ask what can be done to give them a better experience than what they previously had with the other guys.

A satisfaction promise policy would be one of the first things to consider that would be made available across all of your visible channels.

Mandatory  follow-up within a reasonable period of time shows that you really do care about their experience. If something is not right, escalate them to the highest level of support resolution.

Ask every new customer for reference permission so others will know that your company really does go the extra mile.

Share the Experience

Once you have  an inventory of references, drip out these experiences on your website, social platforms, and also share the love in all of your advertising and brochure collateral. Your new fans may give you quotes or if they really like you, video testimonials.

If you commit to this strategy over a years time, your fans will become lifelong customers and will tell others how great you are!

You are invited to direct any questions related to the marketing of Innovative Systems products to Scott Meyer or Melissa Waddell at 605.995.6120