TRACED Act Compliance Issues

In an Innovative Systems sponsored webcast earlier this month, NTCA Director of Industry Affairs Brian Ford indicated there are many significant challenges surrounding an across the board compliance with the STIR/SHAKEN mandate as a result of the recently passed TRACED Act.

Not Just a Service Provider Issue

Small service providers in rural America will struggle  with having an all IP network let alone absorbing the cost of the STIR/SHAKEN component. There is a much bigger issue cited by Ford when comes to interconnection points for the rural voice traffic, even if it does come off of an IP network.  Many of the large interconnect carriers have already submitted comments to the FCC on the substantial expense and time that it will take to migrate off of their TDM switching. In the current STIR/SHAKEN format, the call authentication will only work if the connection is IP from end to end with no TDM in the network.

Who Will Suffer the Most?

Many knowledgeable sources are now saying that full compliance with the STIR/SHAKEN mandate will take years. If call authentication using this technology does in fact take years to deploy, the ultimate goal of protecting  rural wireline consumers is not going to be achieved anytime soon.

Why Not Do the Right Thing?

There is a beacon of hope shining from service providers who really want to protect their landline customers right now, and Peoples Telephone Coop in Quitman Texas is one of them. Since deploying the APMAX TCM solution on over six thousand Texas landlines in October of 2019, the service has delivered an announcement to challenge the validity of over one million suspected spam callers. Additionally, the service has used the FCC telemarketer list database to block another 1.1 million known spam callers. Peoples General Manager Steven Steele commented during the webcast on how positive this move has been for the communities they serve.

Approximately 85% of all calls that hit the service were dropped demonstrating how this problem has grown even larger despite FCC efforts.  Please do not wait for regulation and network upgrades, contact your Sales Director for TCM buyout pricing if you want to join Peoples and other service providers in protecting your customers from nuisance and fraud.” 

Follow this link to view the webcast.