TCM on all landlines a Huge Success

In the fall of 2019, Peoples Telephone Cooperative in Quitman Texas  made a bold move to stop telemarketers from harassing their residential customers in northeastern Texas. The decision was made to notify their over 7,000 landline residential customers thirty days prior to October 1st, 2019 that a  telemarketer call screening feature was going to be added to their phone line. Only a handful of People’s customers opted out of the service and the positive feedback from their customers confirmed the effectiveness of this mass deployment of the service.

Data Proves the Bad Guys are Being Stopped 

From the time the service was installed on October 1st, until November 25th, TCM challenged over 300,000 suspect calls with friendlies 58,000 passing through the challenge announcement. This data proves without a doubt that a service provider can make a difference in protecting consumers from this problem.

Follow this link to see the Peoples data report and case study.