Sound Audio Branding Has an Impact

Most of you have put a lot of time and effort building a visual identity with the use of logos and company colors, but what about an audio identity?

A study found that the theme music for FOX NFL Football impacts the emotions of excitement and anticipation with nearly 80% of consumers identifying FOX NFL through the sound. The question is, can we on a much smaller scale create sound branding for our companies?

What Kind of Sound Do You Need?

Obviously budgets will preclude hiring a famous composer to do a memorable jingle, but just a few music notes may be enough. Considering that you are in the technology business, a distinctive chirp, chime, or tech sound could be an effective audio branding tool.

Audio In Your Retail Store Can Increase Sales!

Relaxing, slow tempo ambient music will cause shoppers to browse through your store more slowly, which is important if you have a retail setting that includes a variety of electronics.  One case study found that playing appropriate background music designed to reduce stress was able to increase retail sales by 10%. If you have customers who from time to time have to wait for a service representative, slow-tempo music generates positive responses and enhances people’s waiting experience.

Any radio or TV ad should always begin or end with your audio brand. The same should apply if you have music on hold. Consistency and repetition are the keys to audio branding success.

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