Skyline Going all in on MG-TV

The primary reason for switching to the MG-TV video solution from Innovative Systems, was getting access to tools that can reduce troubleshooting costs which make their video product more profitable.  Chief Technology Officer Robbie Farmer with Skyline Communications also believes that the quicker you can respond to a customer’s need for support, the stronger of a bond that you will have with them, and Innovative is helping Skyline to do that.

Farmer cited one instance where they spent many hours and multiple visits trying to figure out a video problem that was adversely affecting a customers experience with no resolution.  Upon installing the Innovative Video Solution, they were able to use the troubleshooting tools to isolate the problem in a short period of time. This particular customer had ten set top boxes, so keeping them happy is very important and a testament to  Innovative’s support tools.

Due to the size of their video customer base, Skyline is deploying MG-TV, using a cap and grow model. Farmer says they are already starting to see extremely beneficial data coming out of the new software. In addition to the troubleshooting tools and statistics, Skyline is also benefiting from the channel stats data that helps them with future channel lineup retention.

The Streaming Side of MG-TV Futureproofs Skyline’s Video

Skyline has been a provider of the HLS live streaming from Innovative Systems for the last four years and has found a niche for homes that wanted traditional video without a standard set top box. Farmer appreciates how MG-TV intertwines linear video and streaming video, allowing consumers the choice to have video that best fits their lifestyle. Farmer stresses the importance of showing loyalty to those older customers with linear video while having the streaming option for the younger customers.