Simple is Key in Customer Service


A recent survey shed some bright light on how you can fine tune your customers’ experience when they contact you with a problem. Eight out of 10 respondents replied that they were just looking to get their questions answered, which is a pretty low bar to reach and not really any earth shattering news. The real light came when almost half of those surveyed  felt that if their request was dealt with quickly they came away with a very positive experience. Six out of ten surveyed said they would share that positive experience with friends and family.

The Survey Says……

The ability to take care of a customer without having to transfer to another department can go a long way towards shortening call duration and creating a better customer experience.  This may require an inventory of tools that are made available through your vendor software that can be accessed by front line service reps. In a perfect world there would be NO service issues, so if you can get customers talking about your fast efficient service you will keep and hopefully gain customers!

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