Reshaping the Marketing Funnel

The cone shaped marketing funnel that has your marketing efforts conclude after a sale needs to be reshaped. The relationship between marketing and the new customer shouldn’t end at the bottom of a funnel cone, but instead you should set the funnel on it’s side and focus on customer retention and nurturing.

Strive for a Deeper Relationship

Research creative ways to  gather as much feedback from your new customer as possible.  The biggest problem with this is that most organizations default to a typical customer satisfaction survey.  Because it is now the norm, surveys have created burnout to the point that the response rate is extremely low.  Instead of a survey, how about a text or phone call, or maybe a personalized thank you note with the inclusion of a way to then fill out a survey.

Don’t Forget About Them

At different times, after they have become a customer, follow up with information on how they can get more benefits from their purchase.  There is unlimited upside to customer nurturing, the more you try to sincerely connect with them, the more likely they will keep buying from you, and telling their friends to buy from you!

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