Quick Tips For Marketing Your Video Service

If you are worried about losing your video customers to an OTT solution or a vMVPD, be proactive by promoting your strengths against the flaws of online video.

The two key areas where you shine are in quality of service, and superior time shifted viewing options.

QoS Trainwreck for vMVPDs

It has been well documented that HULU live, Sling, ESPN App and Direct TV Now  have all been brought to their knees many times during important national events, particularly when it comes to sports.  The next time a blogger or tech epub publicizes one of these meltdowns, retweet, share and post on all of your social mediums, so your customers will see that the grass on the other side can be quite brown at times.  The next opportunity will be during the NCAA basketball playoffs, and  it is guaranteed to happen because the technology just can’t handle the traffic, let your customers know!

Time Shifted Features are Very Important to your Customers

A consumer’s  ability to watch content on their own terms is the primary  reason for the success of Netflix and now most video providers have a tool box full of timeshifted features. You need to make sure your customers know about any of these features and also how to use them. One of the top new features that most of the other vMVPDs  can’t do is Restart TV. This feature is easy for the customer to activate with no education and allows them a restart to the beginning of any program that is still in progress.

As we have seen from the Annual Rural Video and Broadband Survey, consumers in rural America are keeping their traditional subscription video and using OTT solutions as a compliment. Educate your employees on how bandwidth will impact a customers OTT experience and  be prepared communicate  to them what they can expect if they want to drop your video. Make sure your CSRs upsell more broadband speed to any cord cutters and rest assured, if they are live sports watchers they will be back!

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