If It’s in the Public Eye – Brand It!

9_2016mm_1There are thousands of articles on the internet that you can reference preaching the importance of getting  your brand front and center and this month’s Marketing Minute is going to throw some more fuel to that fire. There are a few things you may have not considered and that is going to be the subject of this article. You’ve invested a lot in the development of your products and your brand, leaving you with all sorts of customer facing surfaces that should be sporting your brand.

Look Beyond the Vehicle Wrap

We have several of our IPTV customers who are branding their remote controls, which can amount to thousands of daily impressions. If you provide a quality video service in a competitive market your customers will likely have local visitors in their homes who are using your competitor’s video. Wouldn’t it be reasonable to promote your superior video service  to non customers with a logo on your remote control?

We have service providers using APMAX Voice Services in conjunction with their Hosted PBX service that are branding their SiP Phones that are included with the service. Here again these impressions may come in front of the eyes of a business associate in the community that did not know that you offer the service.

There are also many providers who are shooting video for their local content channel. If your crew is shooting a high school football game complete with logos on microphones, cameras and light boxes, anyone seeing  them will likely conclude that you will be broadcasting that game on one of your video channels.

There are many vendors out there in the decal/sticker space so you should be able to get what you need at a reasonable price, to the point where a new business or residential customer is well worth the investment!

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