PRTC Signs Up First ACD Hosted Call Center

A medical software call center has recently been converted to the APMAX ACD service by Palmetto Rural Telco out of Walterboro SC. The interesting take away from the cutover was that there was virtually no hand holding that needed to be done by this Coop serving business and residential subscribers in South Carolina’s Colleton County.

Lessons Learned

Once the sale was made PRTC technicians set up the client’s call center and emailed them soft copies of the ACD training docs fully expecting some additional staff training. After a period of time went by the PRTC support team did a follow up to see how the 20 agent call center was running and if they needed any assistance and they were happy to find out that everything was working as promised.

PRTC has been using ACD internally for quite some time and when asked if their complex demands were at the same level of their client, Madison Carter in PRTC’s technical support group stated that the client feature expectations were far more simplistic. Carter believes telcos selling ACD externally will find it much easier to deploy as the ACD feature set far exceeds the needs for most small call centers.