Promoting All Fiber Subdivisions


As many of you are experiencing new sub division projects here are some ideas and a great example from one company on promoting a totally connected sub division.

Advance Planning and Collaboration is the Key

If you haven’t already, now is the time to solidify your relationships with the key business and subdivision developers in your territory and be willing and able to provide them with info on what communication services you can deliver to any areas that they may be looking at. Assure them that you will promote their efforts to create an all fiber neighborhood touting the advantages of such a place. Follow this link and click on the video see a fine example of such promotion.

Plan WiFi HotSpots for Additional Buzz

Nothing can be more powerful than promoting that an entire subdivision is connected and WiFi can make this happen. The power of providing outdoor connectivity to businesses or residents working on a project or watching their favorite program while being outside is a big draw. This access could be password protected and bundled in with their service.

Create a Brand for the Project

By giving this connected subdivision a brand name you can solidify your company’s position in the project and promise the developer hyperlinks between the brand and their website and  get them to agree to reciprocate.

The internet is no longer an entertainment service, it is a valuable utility, and building new fiber connected subdivisions should be a top priority for the future.

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