Originating Call Manager

Three call origination services all rolled into one. Originating Call Manager takes the popular Account Code Plus, Budget Toll and Originating Call Manager and bundles them together allowing you to offer your subscribers a value proposition service for their outgoing calls.

The Way it Works

The OCM feature controls the type of calls that are placed from a subscribers phone and can restrict access to specific phone numbers. Originating call types, including International, 10-10-X, Operator, Long Distance and Local calls can be selected by type as either “allowed” or “blocked”. Individuals with the PIN override code will be able to bypass OCM. Customers can manage this service with their APMAX Web Portal

Budget Toll

Budget Toll subscribers are allotted a number of toll minutes per month. Once the allotted time has been depleted, a subscriber attempting to place a toll call will receive an announcement stating that their time has expired and they will be unable to place the call.

Account Code Management

The Account Code Plus feature of OCM (Originating Call Manager) allows businesses to set-up limits and restrictions on outgoing calls. Businesses like law firms that bill by time increments and organizations that want to limit toll calling or by time increments are prime candidates for this type of  service. This feature could also be used to monitor call minute usage for efficiency or employee abuse allowing customer control and monitoring functionality that can’t be offered by traditional switch based solutions.


For more information, feel free to read more about OCM in our downloadable product sheet.


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