On-Site Video Training Receives Positive Reviews

As part of any new video conversion, Innovative Systems provides on-site training, and this past fall Innovative Systems Video Trainer Travis Strand conducted two days of training at Skyline Communications  in West Jefferson, North Carolina. Here are some of the comments from Skyline personnel who attended the training:

According to Susie Hoosier, one of Skyline’s video fiber to the home engineers, the training was very thorough and addressed what needed to be covered for Skyline to have success with the Innovative Systems MG-TV deployment. Even though Skyline has been in the video business for quite some time, Hoosier felt this on-site training approach really helps to get a more in-depth look into features, configuration, and subscriber management tools.

Tips to Get the Most out of the Training

Setting up a few Set Top Boxes in advance would be helpful to getting the most out of the Innovative Systems video training. By doing this, technicians will be able to ask specific questions beneficial to their particular system according to Hoosier.

Central Office Network Supervisor Greg Jones appreciated the instruction on STB software installation and the attention to detail on the back office management system. He added, “The class helped us to learn new troubleshooting techniques that we can use to improve the quality of service for our customers.”

Greg Gibbs, a Skyline Service Technician, says this training is important because new products require having a different perspective. Gibbs also stated what might have been acceptable procedure on the previous video solution, is not so with a new solution.  Gibbs reiterates the importance of doing some pre-training installations as this will generate more pertinent questions during the class.