New Vendor Commissioned for Rural Video & BB Study

Innovative Systems has chosen Pivot Group to conduct their ongoing rural market industry study to measure internet, streaming and television usage trends of rural consumers. This survey, conducted since 2016, has been retooled for 2021 to reflect a broader span of demographics in rural America and to benchmark the historic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. This is the only study of its kind gathering this type of data solely focused in rural markets.

The study will:

  • Identify key usage trends among rural consumers for broadband and video services
  • Outline the implications of rural consumer behavior with internet and video for rural service providers
  • Determine the perception of existing internet providers and video service providers by rural consumers
  • Gauge satisfaction with product/service-specific attributes, such as performance, price, and value
  • Interpret data by age, income, education, number of household members, and presence of children

“The results of this survey will provide critical insight into key usage trends of rural consumers, providing the rural broadband industry with valuable market intelligence,” said Bernie Arnason, Principal at Pivot. “In today’s competitive environment, knowledge is power, and Pivot welcomes the opportunity to work with Innovative Systems in delivering it.”

Innovative Systems Marketing Director Scott Meyer says telecommunications companies can expect that some customers in their areas may be contacted as part of the study. Meyer says the results will be summarized in April during an NTCA national webcast, and the full report will be offered at no charge to all rural service providers.