Municipal Video Provider Saves Ratepayer Dollars With New Middleware

The municipal video provider in Tullahoma Tennessee, Tullahoma Utilities Authority, has recently converted their video middleware to the Innovative Systems solution. According to TUA Operations Supervisor Brian Langham, they were under a very tight conversion deadline due to the expiration of a support contract from their previous middleware provider. Langham added, “I never expected the installation and deployment of this to go as quickly as it did.” He goes on to say, “Once the InnoStream hardware was racked and cabled we had working video in less than a day.” Langham credits the experience of the Innovative support team in an expedited launch strategy and gave them high marks for their efforts.

New Solution Will Be Cheaper for Ratepayers

As a ratepayer supported provider, TUA has to be extremely cost conscious, and calculated a five year cost study on conversion to the Innovative Systems video service. Langham stated that over a five year period the Innovative solution will be cheaper for them. Langham says that they have already had a significant reduction in service calls that are now managed from their office with the new Virtual Remote™ included with the Innovative video software.  Langham commented that this new support tool was not factored into the original cost study so the five year savings for the Tullahoma citizens will be even greater.