More TVs…More STBs…Yes It is True!

Five years into the Rural Video and Broadband study has seen measurable shifts in rural consumption of essential communications services, but who would have thought that TVs and Set Top Boxes would set new records in 2020! Some interesting nuggets from the STB data included a seven per cent increase on homes having five or more STBs, with the average increasing to 2.38 per home in 2020 up from 2.08 in 2019.

More TVs Too

Just as surprising as the STB increase, was the highest number of working TVs in rural homes over the five year history of the study. For 2020 there was almost three connected TVs per home, a 12% increase over last year.

What should one conclude from these increases? First an foremost, rural consumers still desire to watch content on large screens, and as service providers this data should be motivation to offer up a good internet connection and a reliable video solution – IPTV or Live Streaming.